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m.d. newcombe

Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, I grew up travelling the globe extensively as ‘military police issue'. Often being entertained with crime stories by my father's circle of friends and inspired by their delightful, twisted tales, I quickly became a fan of mystery thrillers. A lifetime later, staring at the greatest mystery of all, suddenly I was sixty-seven and married forty-five of them with three children and eight grandchildren. So, now for amusement, along with family and writing more of those offbeat whodunits, I'm a musician/songwriter and - between chapter, song and verse - walk about forty miles a week to keep the mystery alive...



  • Five Days in May


    Welcome to Mick Lannigan's crooked little corner of the world, where he keeps a silent partner handy to do all the talking for him; a charismatic private-eye who played his cards like an ace until an ex-girlfriend and her new male acquaintance were murdered-blown sky-high-in an apartment explosion.

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