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Maurizio Biancardo

Born August 1969 in the north of England, fourth son to my Italian immigrant parents, I was raised until my teens in West Yorkshire before moving alone to Paignton in Devon. A few years later I left Devon to return to Italy, travelling across the country, north and south. Eventually my journey took me to Corsica and then the south of France and later the south of Germany before I moved back to the south of France. My diverse travels, jobs and personal encounters allowed me to not only learn other languages but also meet an array of people from all walks of life. These encounters, along with friends, strangers and family, each of us, with our everyday daily challenges: joy, pain, happiness or heartache, have gifted me the joy of writing. Words and books have always shared their gifted energies, helping me grow. My wish is to spread this same energy through my words.




    Beaten down by life, Charlie is at the end of the road, seeing no light at the end of his tunnel, and no faith in a better tomorrow.

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