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Martin Morton

Martin Morton lives mostly in the Adriatic on a boat.

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  • Lost Pearls


    Arno Dace keeps his clients safe. He makes sure their wealth comes from untainted sources. For the Dickinson Corporation, his major client, sourcing clean money is a pragmatic choice to sustain smooth operations and a spotless reputation;

  • Blue Orchid


    Will Uprichard, the finance head of the Dickinson Corporation, must pull wealth out of the complex forty-billion-dollar business to fund a charitable foundation for his boss.

  • Trust Only


    Meitang has put so much of herself into a new resort launch in Asia, but the event is being disrupted. Isobel Allen, the principal designer, is called back suddenly to London to deal with a threat to her business arising out of a sadistic attack on an old friend at a deviant sex party.

  • Lion and Giant


    Alphonse Newman is pushing ahead with the ambitious development of a luxury resort chain in the Far East in partnership with the Shanghai-based Shen family business.

  • Catch Me


    Peter Dickinson's business empire is global, expanding and all-consuming.

  • The Mist in the Valleys


    Claudia's life with Peter evolves into a happy partnership but divorce threatens to tear his business empire apart. They suspect a malign and mysterious influence is at work.

  • Careless Hours: Book 3 of The Claudia Series


    Careless Hours is set in the high-stakes business world where lives intertwine and there is the inevitable heady mix of business and pure sexual pleasure. It is not for the faint-hearted. The people like to work hard and play even harder.

  • The Water's Depth: Book 2 of The Claudia Series


    As Claudia's intense affair with Jack deepens, it awakens darker desires in her than she ever suspected, and the curiosity to pursue them, even during her lengthy absences from him.

  • The Water's Edge: Book 1 of The Claudia Series


    Claudia and Jack already have a strong and satisfying business relationship, but when Jack is offered a job that will take him to the other side of the world, it throws a new and urgent light on their mutual attraction.

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