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Mark Leah

Mark Leah has been married to his wife, Lindsey, for nearly thirty years and is a father of three and a grandfather of two. He was brought up in "Tinsle" (Tintwistle), within the Peak District, and has many fine memories of his childhood. These memories have been the inspiration for Mark's stories. Mark works as a Kinder/Edale National Trust ranger within the Peak District and has been involved in many conservation projects over his twenty-four years of service. Mark's time in this job has also inspired his writing and illustrations.



  • Tinsle Tales - Benniebee/Walliewasp


    Benniebee - Benniebee is a story I have written and illustrated for my granddaughter. It is a story about a bee who has lost his memory due to what some scientists believe could be the result of 4G/5G masts affecting bee colonies.

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