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Mark John

The author, Mark John, is a former award-winning detective, having in-depth experience of investigating serious and complex crime, including that of historic child abuse. Becoming Charlie Oscar, the author has shadowed the true inner feelings of how the investigative mind-set of a real-life detective works. This includes the evidential difficulties, frustrations, and the emotional trauma caused not only by the nature of the criminality, but the unnatural and dark psychology of the suspects involved.


  • Jack in Time


    Jack in Time is an addictive page turning crime thriller with ancestral tones mirroring the Jack the Ripper murders. With multiple victims sustaining horrific attacks, DNA evidence identified, is found to belong to the 19th century killer.

  • Near Murder


    Join Detective Constable Charlie Oscar as the Major Crimes Unit hunts a potential serial killer, whose crimes are escalating and who is evading capture. Will the perpetrator be found before someone dies?

  • The Ashamed


    The Ashamed is an addictive page-turning crime thriller focusing on historic child abuse criminality. Although a work of fiction, the author has brought to life the realism of a prolonged serious and complex investigation, dealing with both multiple victims and high-powered members of society.

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