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Mark Ashthorpe

I was a Hampshire police officer for 30 years, retiring in 2011 as a Detective Chief Inspector. My particular interest was the control and management of sexual and violent offenders and the investigation and support for vulnerable victims, such as domestic and child abuse victims. I am fascinated by the inter-relation between Dangerousness and Vulnerability. After retiring from the police, I became a safeguarding trainer for children's services but was forced to stop working when I was diagnosed with Multiple System Atrophy; this condition has inspired me to write. I am married to Debbie, we have three daughters, a dog and two cats. We live near Winchester in Hampshire, UK.


  • Zodiac


    Zodiac is the sequel to Chameleon and is the second book in the Leeston CID series, reuniting familiar characters.

  • Chameleon


    When eight-year-old Kelly-Ann is abducted from a play park, there is a desperate race against time to find the man who was seen leading her away. Simon Shaw is trying to get his life back on track after serving time for child pornography offences. He had met Kelly-Ann's mother for coffee just before her daughter was abducted. He frantically claims his innocence, but DS Paul Smith is convinced that Shaw is their man. The abduct...

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