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Marie Langen

The past 20 years have seen Marie Langen dedicate herself as a mother, domestic goddess, nurse, chef, teacher etc etc to 2 fabulous kids, 1 dutch husband and laterally her labrador Bonnie.
Prior to this genuinely wonderful and busy career Marie spent 16 years in the Banking world again playing numerous roles but predominately in the Human Resources arena.
Over the years Marie has enjoyed writing personal poetry and Covid gave her the opportunity to do her bucket list book.
Marie recalls many lovely, funny, belly laughing and close times with her children reading books together.
She believes 'books are not just books' but precious tools that can facilitate laughter, communication, teaching, creativity, emotion, tactileness and most importantly when reading with young children important 1 to 1 time and togetherness.
Never underestimate the power of paper, oh and a dog!!


  • OH Bonnie!


    When Bonnie comes out to play, chaos is the name of her game! Bonnie is one funny but rather naughty dog on a mission... Mission naughtiness.

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