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Marie Contino

Marie Contino is a writer, a woman of faith, and a two-time cancer survivor. A California native, she is now living with her husband, son, and dog, Lucy, in Tuscany. As a self-proclaimed ‘linguistics geek', Marie always had an affinity for language and has written short stories and journaled since she was a very young child. When she isn't writing, in her free time she also enjoys traveling with her family and discovering Tuscan villages, photography, and cooking. She tries to strike a balance between the Italian culture, while maintaining her American roots.


  • The Plans I Have For You


    Marie and her husband met in Italy during a year-abroad study program. Just two years later, they were married in her husband's hometown, a hilltop village in Tuscany. Rather than starting out their married life there, they decided to move to Marie's hometown in California, with the long-term goal of someday moving to Italy permanently. Everything was going according to plan until the unthinkable happened. Forced to face an illness, not ...

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