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Marian Smith

Marian Smith was born in Belfast and raised in Castlewellan, a small town in the north of Ireland. She has two sons. Working as a Spiritual Counsellor for over twenty years, she practises New Age Counselling. She runs a private practice from home, using mediumship, astrology, numerology, past life regression, energy healing, counselling and dream analysis. She also channels messages from the Angelic and Ascended Master Realms during sessions.

This is Marian's first book, encouraged by a desire to reach a bigger audience and deliver spiritual insights into the life of a medium and healer, in the hope it might inspire and inform those seeking such knowledge.



  • And So It Was


    A spiritual medium, Ellen O'Hare, lives in Ballygo in the north of Ireland. She is married to Fergal but the two have been drifting apart for years. The effects of this distance are felt by Ellen and her sons, Matt and James.

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