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Maria Sproulle

Born in Germany, Ute Maria lived in Eastern Canada, the USA and then Western Canada, where she met her British husband. In 1978, they moved to just outside Cambridge, where she taught languages at a private school before becoming Head of Department. She also organised student trips to Russia, Egypt, Turkey, Germany, New York, Washington D.C and Kenya and travelled all over the world in the holidays.
Ute Maria has written short stories, novels, plays and also for children. Now she volunteers for her local primary school and Max continues his journeys to Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

You can find out more about the author and her books at her Facebook page:


  • Max's Marvellous Journey to the Moon


    Max, a young boy who dreams of going "where no one would bother him," wants to travel to the moon. But how will he get there? Perhaps his great-uncle, Professor Boggle, who is always inventing weird and wonderful things, can help? Or his clever computer, Caracatus?

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