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Maria Ian

Maria Ian was a human rights counsellor for over fifteen years before moving from copious late-night legal writing to the authentic and candid practice of fiction and suspense. She holds three graduate degrees and has worked in publishing as editor for international law and political analysis reference works, and in education for national security and foreign relations courses, among others. As a child and young adult, Maria acquired appreciation for ethnography and the accurate on-the-ground reading of history and politics. She lived in six different countries and identifies her heritage as Finnish, Ukrainian, Turkish, central south Asian and Chinese.

Maria's hobbies are health, fitness and eastern medicine, for which she considers herself fortunate to have had competent guides in African animism and East Asian Taoism. She is also an avid wildlife conservation enthusiast.


  • The Island


    Human rights attorney Craig Malcault thought he had seen it all after his many successes with difficult clients. That was until the assassination of a close colleague whose valor was at the heart of political struggles in a war-torn country brought Craig face to face with his own breaking point.

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