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Malcolm Gerloch

Dr. Gerloch retired in 1999 from a career as academic and research scientist in the field of quantum chemistry in the University of Cambridge. He is an Emeritus Fellow of Trinity Hall. He and his wife, Gwyneth, have since lived in Canberra, Australia. During his first twenty years of blissful retired domesticity, Malcolm has enjoyed gardening, house renovation and above all, learning to cook in several cuisines. Gwyneth has relinquished the kitchen with mixed feelings. Prior to writing (mostly) children's books, Malcolm's greatest achievement has been the construction of a dual-manual harpsichord for his wife to play. That was a present to thank her for introducing him to the non-scientific literature of - mostly - the nineteenth and twentieth century European and twentieth century North American writers.


  • Arnold Forbutt Esquire


    Arnold and Molly Forbutt's love of stray cats brings down disapproval on their innocent heads and Arnold's response is such as to set him up against the antisocial media being used to disseminate popular challenges.

  • Jubilee


    Jubilee is an amusing tale of when Sam with his family and two cats - Flea and Ridden - are invited to the Queen's platinum Jubilee celebration after winning a contest set by the organisation over which the Duchess of Cornwall presided. The family finally gets to meet the Queen of England.



    Faced with the loss of his ancestral home following the huge increase in death duties in mid-twentieth century Britain, Michael Montayne forges an unusual enterprise with his best man, whose family turns out to have been shamefully entangled with Michael's for generations past.

  • Such a Silly Mistake


    This autobiographical, non-technical and mostly light-hearted account of three lecture tours through Continental Europe in the late '70s and early '80s by a Cambridge research chemist describes professional and personal interactions with many colourful and extraordinarily talented hosts.

  • Other Creatures


    Friendship between a cat and a mouse, between an owl and a mouse, between a cat, an owl and snakes? Ridiculous!

  • The Humans In Our Family


    Now it's the turn of the humans in our family to fall under the microscope. It will do Flea and Ridden good to read about some of the scrapes their masters (servants) have been getting into.

  • Hols


    Flea and Ridden, the most entertaining cats in the fictional world, embark on their greatest adventure yet: joining their slaves - sorry, owners - on a road trip across the country.

  • BLUE


    Jewellery goes missing and our agile cat, Flea, is officiously accused of theft once again.

  • A Strange Tale or Three


    In Button, just where is the writer going? Is he losing his mind? Hasn't he proofread his story? At least in You, that isn't the problem. Here is a modern-day morality play with just a touch of fantasy. Romp, on the other hand, is just that from end to end.

  • Spike


    Our friendly but all-too-curious marmalade cat, Ridden, has found a new friend from whom he learns some very naughty habits.

  • Zada


    It's a strange world where a spider called Alex falls in love with a dragonfly called Zada.

  • Rosie 'n' Co


    Rosie is almost a terrier. She spends most of her time exploring the cliffs, gardens and sea-side town of Rocky Bay, playing with squirrels but especially with her tousled and untidy friend, Scruff, who is a mongrel of uncertain roots.

  • Old Harald


    Stories within stories, streams of consciousness and flights of imaginative fancy... These eight pieces, some related and some not, weave their way through some of the trials of human existence.

  • Bahs


    Sam and Red invite a retired senior policeman and his wife who they have known for years for lunch. There are fifty or so teddy bears and other stuffed creatures around the house who observe the goings-on with laughter and rudeness.

  • Flea


    Flea is more than a kitten; she has grown into an agile and beautiful young lady. She chats to her friend, a laughing kookaburra, in places no cat is expected to reach.

  • Bird


    A story of kindness, fun and an unusual friendship, BIRD is not a book to miss. We follow Bird, a confident and cocky currawong who claims to know everything while his friend, Cat, is happy to let him believe so.

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