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Mahmoud Nafousi

Author, businessman, and intellectual adventurer Mahmoud Nafousi was born in Nineveh in the ’40s.


He grew up in a conservative culture and in 1963, at the age of seventeen, moved to the UK to complete a degree in Economics and Accounting at Bristol University. He then qualified as a Chartered Accountant with KPMG and returned to Iraq in 1972. At the age of twenty-nine, he became the youngest Controller General in charge of auditing all the publicly owned companies including all the banks and the oil companies. He then left Iraq in 1979 with his wife Kathy who started her Ph.D. in Histopathology at Oxford University.


He occupied major positions in Saudi Arabia, the UK, and the UAE as a senior executive of international companies. He has travelled widely and has deep interest in cultural, religious, and scientific issues of the day.


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