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Madeleine Gauché

Madeleine Gauché, like Darby Shaw, obviously exists, lives in Cabot Cove and does not wish to be known She is not a ghost, because ghosts don't write. Or do they? Ghost writers do. Trying to locate her you should not; she does not desire to be found, only that the words, the lines and the lemons, are a blessing for you to pick and eat from the tree that grew from the pip that fell in the ground, died and became the lemon tree. Love Madeleine


  • Lemon Tree Conversations - Volume 3


    Lemon Tree Conversations Volume 3 follows Volume 1 and 2, all of which are essentially commentaries presented in conversations. This volume continues to build on the reflections on a deeper discovery of the nature of ideas, all part of being gifted with a journey,

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