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Lucy Swan

‘It took her a long time to get here...' would be the main response of my exasperated family and friends, about the birth of my debut novel. Not because I've talked about it for so long (well, I have but anyway...) but because I've been right around the houses and lived many different lives to get here: a published author.
At just a nudge over forty, my greatest work to date has been my beautiful family. As well as writing, I am a teacher, wife, mother and (baby-faced) grandmother. I live on the Lincolnshire east coast, and my favourite thing ever is walking my beloved best friend and GSP RosieDog, on the beach. Oh, and I am partially sighted too.
I am currently writing my second novel, The Golden Figure.


  • Being Frank


    How often do we look at people and make assumptions? How often do we hide things from those we are closest to? Aimee, Patrick and Jessica all live on the wild Yorkshire coast, in the town of Saltness.

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