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Lorraine Spring

Lorraine has worked for over 40 years with traditional 5 element acupuncture, working closely with nature to encourage healing. She facilitates the "Wake Up to the Dialogue with Nature" workshops in the UK, France and Switzerland connecting to the elements to re-enchant our world and restore well-being. Lorraine has been writing poetry and short stories since her studies at the University of Oxford. She is particularly interested in Haiku form, a short compilation of which was published by Hedgehog Poetry Press in 2022. She meditates, teaches yoga, writes children's books about connecting with nature, plays saxophone and dances tango.


  • Mrs Crinkle the Autumn Leaf


    Hi, I'm Millie, come and walk with me in my favourite woods. I have a secret I'd like you to know. Come and meet my new friend Mrs Crinkle the Autumn leaf, she has a story to tell us. Let's learn about nature together.

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