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Lizzie Pizzey

Lizzie Pizzey has been trying, and failing, to join the Marine Federation for over 30 years. Her first application was unsuccessful because she couldn't reach the sea bed in just her swimming costume and snorkel. That however was much better than her last attempt, which ended in disaster when the submarine she bought from her local supermarket only worked on dry land. Lizzie lives on the edge of a bluebell wood in Sussex with her family and pet tortoise, and although she can't work with Cedric, she keeps in touch with him through her shell phone.


  • Cedric the Swordfish


    Cedric the Swordfish is the Marine Federation's newest and most enthusiastic recruit, and it's just as well, because his new job is a very big one... To protect the sea and all its marine-life. With the help of his clever robot friend Greg, lots of useful sword attachments

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