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Liz Cansdale

Liz Cansdale was born near Brighton in Sussex. She has always loved all things creative and as well as writing has an online shop selling handmade bags and crafts. After bringing up her son in Cornwall, where she had an art gallery, when he was offered a place at Oxford, she returned to Sussex. One day she decided she wanted to try something completely new and different , and so she took the bold step of moving to Italy where she spent a number of years living in Ferrara, teaching English, a job she absolutely loved. She has always loved writing and May the Fourth is the result of an idea she had after a conversation about politics during which someone suggested the way to world peace was to eliminate all geographical borders. She now lives in Eastbourne.


  • May the Fourth


    In the year 2222, the World Administration have global control. Freedom in most of its forms is a thing of the past. Computer programmer, Anthony Hurst, taken from his home with his family to work against his will in intelligence for the WA, finds himself involved in a counterintelligence

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