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Linda Uruburu

Linda Uruburu is an author, lyricist and textile artist. She has been a professional musician, music publisher and song writer for most of her adult life. Her hobby and part time profession is designing patchwork.

About the Illustrator

Helen Schneider is an illustrator, an award winning international artist in the fields of recording, stage, and film (including a Diva for lifetime achievement), and a teacher of song interpretation. She has always had an interest in painting and drawing privately.

In 2008 they published their first children's books with Baumhaus Verlag. In 2019 their chapter book, Lenny's Summertime Adventures, was the first prize winner of the Literary Contest for the Center for Basque Studies.


  • The Colorful World of Frida Kato


    Poor Frida Kato! A white cat locked in an empty white room. She looks in the mirror but all she can see are her dark eyes. She's afraid. She's alone. What will she do? She is Frida Kato and so - like her namesake Frida Kahlo - she will paint!

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