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Leora Gill-Palgi

Leora Gill Palgi shares her life and home with a husband, 2 daughters, a dog and a cat. She works as a kindergarten teacher and is a long-time activist for natural justice, and an avid gardener. In her capacity as Ambassador for The Bees (self-appointed) she writes a column about bees in a nature magazine and is devoted to spreading the wisdom of the hive and applying it to all spheres of human existence - from art through education to business, from the personal to the collective. Leora is 55 years old and studied philosophy of science and Metaphysics in MacQuarie University, in Sydney, Australia.


  • Melissa's First Day


    This is Melissa's first day in the sun. Like all bees her age, she spent her life so far in the subdued darkness inside the hive, sheltered from wind and predators and surrounded by her cluster-sisters. As each bee takes wing and flies her own way

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