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Leilani Raven Katen

Leilani Raven Katen is a young Filipino/American writer, growing up on the Island of Maui and then moving to the state of Iowa. She learned the importance of diversity, allowing her a more colorful life experience. With the experience of learning about different cultures and traditions; Leilani grew to know the world was not in black and white, but in all shades of color. Her imagination that influences her writing due to her complex background makes for endless possibilities. Leilani has a bachelor's degree in English literature. Now living full time in Iowa, with her two kids, two cats, a dog and her husband.



  • The Dolly Witch Sisters


    The Dolly Witch Sisters, the first witch sister covered in pink, the second in black. Always so curious and always so mischievous or are they?. Not able to understand the simple concepts of planting seeds, fishing for fishes and shaping clay.

  • The Noisy Goat


    The noisy goat is a strange and silly phenomenon. Embarrassed, from his ticking and clicking and kicking the other goats teased him. Spending his days alone, until he meets a friend who makes him feel less strange.

  • The Nameless Girl & The Lonely Alligator


    The nameless girl, who is unaware of the consequences of her actions, ignores the dangers her mother spoke to her about the outside world. Curious and afraid, the nameless girl meets a lonely alligator.

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