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Leah Wilcox

Leah Wilcox grew up in Northern California with eight siblings. She was raised by her mother Georgia and her beloved grandmother Ruth. She now lives in Chicago, where she operates Babycakes, a catering company and food truck. She has always had a passion for writing.
In her free time, Leah enjoys reading, dining out, painting abstract art, cooking, and throwing parties. She loves punk rock, her life partner Kyle and their fluffy Pomachon Rupert. Leah dreams of someday moving to a big house that she can fill with rescue animals, with a window facing the sea, where she can drink slushy cocktails and type away while enjoying the view.


  • Ruth


    A family in need. A handmade Ouija board. A dangerous affair. It's 1920 in Newark, New Jersey and ten-year-old Ruth lives in fear. Her family is on the brink of starvation. Her brother and uncle are doing dangerous work, smuggling illegal alcohol for the mob

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