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Lavender Bilbruck Smith

Author of Whispers in the Meadow, Lavender Bilbruck Smith is a traumatized, mentally-ill, thrill-seeking goblin. They thrive on helping friends, family, and acquaintances "live la vida loca", and often times runs themselves ragged trying to experience everything the world has to offer. Never one to shy away from adventure, Lavender has dedicated their life to embracing the Chaotic Energies of the Universe and being their true, authentic self. Their hobbies include hiking, rollerblading, daydreaming about being a fantasy warrior, listening to power metal, and watching science fiction B movies. Whispers in the Meadow is their first poetry collection that was written in the throes of heartbreak. It chronicles the messy transition from pain to anger to acceptance. They hope that in putting this collection out there others who are going or have gone through a similar pain can find solidarity and validation within these words.


  • Whispers in the Meadow


    Whispers in the Meadow is a poetry collection cataloging the grief, anger, confusion, and finally acceptance of heartbreak. Written as a way to cope, the author hopes that through these words others will find validation and solidarity in their own experiences with failed love.

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