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Kerrin Doward

Kerrin Doward was born and raised in Bath and started her career as a police officer and detective, but the majority of her working life was as a dog trainer and behaviourist which has come in very handy as she has owned a total of six very active and mischievous Irish Setters. Kerrin has had numerous articles published in national magazines helping other dog trainers and owners, but having now moved to Cornwall with her wife and very spoiled dog, Aggi, she is focussing on writing spine tingling horrors and thought-provoking mysteries for the middle grade and young adult reader.

As well as having a love of dogs and all nature, Kerrin has a keen interest in magic and mysticism.


  • Abandon All Hope


    The stories of the derelict cottage that sits high on the moor, among the menacing granite rocks, are dark, gruesome, terrifying... and intriguing, especially to three unlikely friends who are unable to resist the challenge of spending the night there.

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