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Kenzi Macabee

Kenzi Macabee is an uprooted Virginian from the DC area living in the South. She is pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education, specializing in the Montessori schooling style, with the goal of opening a school soon. With a misspent youth of her own Urban Exploring, she seeks to convey that exhilarating feeling to her readers while offering practical survival advice. ‘Isles of Xandaeren’ is the first book in Kenzi’s young adult series. At the Fall 2023 Bookfest, she won First Place in Sci-Fi - Exploration & Adventure as well as Third Place in YA - Humorous & YA - Science Fiction. She is currently writing the second book for her young adult series.


  • Isles of Xandaeren


    Joe and Sam are both foster kids in a bad situation. Their only escape is their passion for urban exploring with their friends, Finn, Ana, and Oli.

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