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Kendra Scurfield

Hailing from Banff, Alberta, Canada, Kendra
Scurfield is a creative communicator with an
active imagination. As a child, her favourite
bedtime stories where those of her parents
as children. By day, she is the Director
of Communications at Banff's premier
ski and snowboard destinations Banff
Sunshine Village. An avid snowboarder
she looks forward to sharing her love of
winter with her family.


  • My Mom


    What makes a GREAT MOM? Is it her extraordinary baking? Her perfect pot roasts? Her exceptional cleaning skills? Or her fashion choices? Ask a kindergartener, and he'll tell you the best mom in the world is the most perfectly imperfect mom he knows, because she's his mom.

  • Something So Perfect


    My love, my love my love. to meet you we waited long enough. Nine long months to be exact. While we waited there was much to do - we had to ensure your room was in tact. As we counted down the days until we'd meet, we wondered who exactly we would greet. When you arrived it was love at first sight.

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