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Ken Mellor

Ken Mellor was born and brought up in Leeds. His father and grandfather were already established in the local cinema trade, so it was no surprise that his early years were steeped in cinema lore.


An electrical apprenticeship was interrupted by a three-year engagement in the Royal Air Force. It was during this period of military service that his interest in location film work was rekindled by the arrival on camp of a film unit.


At an early age he inherited from his father an interest in vintage motorcycles and has over the years taken part in many nationwide events.


Before joining the film industry, he also spent some years in Speedway racing, a sport he had followed from early teen years. Moderate success resulted in being appointed captain of the Aldershot team in 1960.


He now lives near Selby in North Yorkshire and continues to lead an active life by running a specialist record company and continuing his passion for vintage motorcycles.


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