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Kelly Seymour Green

Kelly credits growing up in a small country town before the dawn of technology with building her natural predilection for fabricating alternative realities and her need to create in many fields. On finishing school, the big wide world beckoned, and she embarked on a journey of study, travel and romance that led her to faraway lands on amazing adventures. Returning to Australian shores for the turn of the millennium, she embarked on her favourite undertaking; that of motherhood. Now, the mother of four, Kelly is an occupational therapist, executive officer, university lecturer, photographer, author and eternal optimist. Writing is her way of telling the stories of her adventures without giving away too many secrets.


  • Unscarred


    Reeling from the sudden loss of her beloved aunt and the trauma of sexual abuse at the hands of her patient, Charli returns home to the surprising presence of her long-forsaken childhood love; the World Surfing Champion, Grant Hodges.

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