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Kay Ni C

Kay Ni C was born and reared in Dublin, Ireland. She is the mother of two brilliant sons, of which she is very proud. She always loved history and myth. So much so that when she received a history essay for schoolwork, she couldn't just stop, and she would write on and on past the asked word count. Stories have always been passed down through their family, and she would love others to enjoy and feel a connection with what she writes about and her home. She is a huge animal lover who wishes to one day be able to help rescues as much as she can


  • Tribes of the Gods Endure


    Tribes of the Gods Endure is a fictional mythological tale about the concealed mysteries of Ireland and the Irish people. The ancient gods of Ireland have been forgotten for a long time and rarely talked about, but they are shared from one generation to the next by older people in local bars.

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