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Kathryn Pana

Kathryn is a single mum of two boys, originally from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, but now lives in a small town in Lancashire. As well as writing, Kathryn loves everything creative, especially cross stitching; she owns a small arts and crafts business which she runs from the local indoor market. She loves to watch sports including Formula One and football, which her eldest son plays. She also loves to travel and explore cultural places; she lived in Greece for five years and also worked in the US for a summer season.


  • Crossing Lines


    Sergeant Will Falco has an unlikely new team member after Kathy Hill left his alpha team to start her own. Will his new recruit be good enough?

  • Putting Everything on the Line


    Will Sergeant Falco put everything on the line to save her? Will he ever get the man who haunts his past? And will he ever be able to be with the woman he finds himself falling in love with?

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