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Karen Elaine Campbell

Author Karen Elaine Campbell has spent many years of her adult life employed in the financial sector, both in the UK and overseas. Her first two books were memoir-based and introduce the reader to the colourful world of the British Army. She loves to cook and to eat, so her books are interspersed with delicious family recipes and anecdotes of the trials and tribulations encountered as the wife of a serving soldier.


The family, husband Chris, son Daniel and puppy Rufus, have all settled in Cambridgeshire now that Chris has retired from the military, allowing Karen to embrace a long held desire to write ‘girly’ romantic fiction


  • The Party Girl's Invitation


    A simple train journey, from glitzy corporate London, to the family firm in rural Wiltshire, liberates Crystal from her colourful past and delivers ‘Mr Right’ into her wretchedly barren life.

  • Party Girl at Heart


    The silver grey Aston slid in through the magnificent wrought iron gates sideways and slithered to an abrupt halt, tyres racing for traction on the neatly raked gravel, spewing out bits of grit and shale in an almost perfect arc.

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