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Justin Michael Canel

Justin Michael Canel is an author and screenwriter born in Burbank, California to an Argentinian father and American mother. He attended Santa Clara University and played four years for the university's division 1 soccer program. He started writing in his late teens, but it wasn't until after he was done with his athletic career when his passion for writing took center stage. Today, Justin is continuing to author more children's books, as well as writing and developing other original film and television projects in the entertainment industry. He resides in Los Angeles, California with his two children.


  • The Bully


    A bully, who spends most of his time alone, drawing, is visited one night by one of his drawings that magically comes to life. This "Vision" then makes him live a day in the life of all the other kids he's bullied until he learns the lesson of empathy.

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