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June P Turnbull

I was born in London but grew up in Yorkshire. I went on to gain a history and education degree and found myself teaching special needs children of all ages. I love to write. After MS took hold, I honestly thought all was over. But I mastered the computer and began to write again, taking up story writing for children I taught, then branched out to write storybooks. My husband retired some years ago, and we found ourselves in many garden centres, where Harold was born along with Mrs Higgins. I still have MS, but I won't let it beat me.


  • The Gnomes of Sunny Days Garden Centre - Book 2


    Come to Sunny Days Garden Centre, where magic happens on a daily basis. A secret delight for children, the gnomes and fairies who live at the garden centre are all alive; they just don't show it to anyone - well, most of the time.

  • The Gnomes of Sunny Days Garden Centre


    Kind Mr Jones can rent an abandoned building provided that he turns it into something benefitting the whole community. His Sunny Days Garden Centre will do just that - to the delight of Mrs Jones and their twins, Roberta and Robert.

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