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Julie Graham

Julie Mensh Graham, mother of two, preschool teacher, crochet designer, and previous marketing manager at Glamour and The New Yorker, is launching her first book: Talia Turtle’s Brave Bubbles. 

Both Talia Turtle and Julie’s daughter have selective mutism, an anxiety disorder that inhibits a person from speaking in certain social situations, such as school.  

Julie seeks to create awareness and normalize anxious feelings some children face every day. The more caregivers, peers, and educators understand a child’s anxieties, the calmer the child will feel, and the more likely the child will be to use their brave voice, like Talia Turtle.  


  • Talia Turtle's Brave Bubbles


    What makes you tremble and your heart race? For Talia the Turtle, it's talking. She is afraid to speak - she doesn't like the way her voice sounds and she worries that she will say something silly.

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