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Josie Haley Reese

Josie Haley Reese grew up in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon and graduated from the University of Oregon, continuing her education at Western Governs University where she studied early childhood education. She is the mother of two sons who were the inspiration behind her writing her poems and stories.


  • The Other Tooth Fairy


    When you lost your first tooth did the mystery of the tooth fairy taking your tooth and leaving money mystify and amaze you? But then how does a new tooth start to grow? Well, that's where the story of "The Other Tooth Fairy" takes over.

  • When The Moon Come Out


    It's Halloween and the moon is full so the monsters are having a party! Join the witches, skeletons, Jack-o-lanterns and their friends in their celebration down at the Monster Ball with this beginning reader rhyming book.

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