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John O'Donnell

John O'Donnell grew up in the small town of Gort Co. Galway in the west of Ireland. He graduated from Mary Immaculate College in 2017 and has worked as a primary school teacher since. A lover of all things that have to do with fantasy since he was young, John has always aspired to be an author. If he isn't spending time with his family and friends, he can often be found reading, writing, or drawing. He has always loved to immerse himself into new worlds where the possibilities are endless. He wrote his debut novel ‘Wolf-Blessed' over the lockdown in 2020.



  • Wolf-Blessed


    Arica Preandre has wanted nothing more in her life. She has trained for years to become a member of Haella's Imperial Army, and the day has finally arrived where she will partake in the traditional test of wills, the Trial. But things do not go as planned, and without warning, Arica is thrust into a world of magic that she thought could only exist in her dreams. Now, after discovering that the world she thought she knew is not what is seems...

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