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John Beverley

John Beverley is the pen name of an author who wishes to retain anonymity, for fear of reprisals, adverse commentary, social ostracism, and all manner of other unspoken fears.
Positive and confident in outlook, the publication of this novel has opened a Pandora's box of insecurities; to aid his recovery you can buy this book, post positive comments wherever you can and tell all your friends.
The author has a lifetime of creative writing - mostly for job CVs, loan applications, apology letters, and internet dating sites.
Now semi-retired from ‘real work', he enjoys his family and living in idyllic surroundings. He enjoys gardening, art, oysters, the world, and anything likely to enhance and extend his life.
He looks forward to creating further novels currently residing in his head, and hopes meanwhile that you will enjoy this humble offering...


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