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Jo Ellen Hemmings

I was born in in South Wales and was my grancha's girl. At the age of five, however, we moved to South Africa to live. I enjoyed a wonderful childhood there, running wild on the veldt, until returning to Wales at the age of thirteen to a different way of life. I have lived in Northern Ireland, Spain, Cyprus and England. In my thirties, I started a career in teaching. My first teaching position was back where I was born! Now, I enjoy life in Cornwall with my two fully grown up children, a son and a daughter, plus my gorgeous grandson!


  • An Adventure in the Ancient Shang Dynasty


    An Adventure in the Ancient Shang Dynasty - Have you ever wanted to go back to a special period in history? Perhaps try your hand at becoming a great warrior? What about becoming an elite warrior for King Tang in the Ancient Shang Dynasty? Find out more in this historical adventure!

  • The Fable of the Elephant and the Mouse


    The Fable of the Elephant and The Mouse - Who would win in a battle of an elephant and a mouse? You think the elephant? Well, not in this case. Find out how a little mouse got the better of a huge elephant and became a hero to the other forest animals in this new fable!

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