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Jessica Storm

I spent most of my working life as a professional dance instructor, designing and producing theatrical shows for children. When a severe back injury resulting from a car crash forced me into early retirement, I started looking for new ways to be creative and find a new outlet in life to express myself. Writing filled this void and allowed me to clarify, accept and eventually script what has happened to me over the years, which makes for a compelling and, at times, difficult read.
For a very long time I tried to come to terms with what I have been through and how it has affected both me and my family. Having finished this book, I am now able to look back and reflect on my life in a way I never thought possible. The sheer number and variety of traumas I have experienced is almost incomprehensible and the horrors of some of the situations are a lot to take on-board. These have shaped me into the woman I am today.
Within the book you will experience my life in its rawest form, including a suicide, a ruined career, a lengthy lawsuit, a terrible marriage, an abusive husband, terrified children, a debilitating illness, broken families, dreams shattered, hope, fear, and impossible choices. Only when you are at your lowest, when you feel that life has taken too much from you, do you look deep inside yourself and make a choice. This story is my choice.


  • Life Behind The Mask


    A compelling story of a young mother, happy in her first marital home, running her successful dance school. But everything changed one fateful night; following a serious car accident, her husband developed paranoid schizophrenia.

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