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Jeremy Moran

Jeremy Moran is a fiction writer based in Brooklyn, New York. Shadow of Exposure is his debut novel.
He is the author of a regular blog, The Undeserving Nature of Humanities Exploited Sense of Humor (, where he chronicles the current pandemic through the lens of his personal relationships and muses about how humanity will be permanently altered by this circumstance. Jeremy participates annually in a traditional Burns Night, where local writers and enthusiasts alike gather to pay homage to the famous poet, Robert Burns, by reading original works or those by the revered literary figure. He continues to develop new works of fiction that focus on the conditions of modern existence with eccentric characters that highlight the mundane happenings of daily life which are universal to every human experience.


  • Shadow of Exposure


    Collette is a young computer engineer desperate to escape her life in rural Maine. In search of a new beginning, she heads to New York to start work at an up and coming media company where she learns her former college professor is at the center of a deep cover up.

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