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Jenny Buchanan

Jenny has worked in healthcare as a Radiographer for 24 years, doing MRI scans,
X-rays, CT scans and other procedures in her home country New Zealand, as
well as Australia and London.
After helping many anxious children and adults in her career, she noticed one of
the biggest fears is that of the unknown. One way she saw to help with this was
to write a series of entertaining and relatable books, with medical and growth
mindset themes. These books will mentally prepare children as well as help with
confidence and resilience.
She had always loved writing and was inspired more to bring this dream to life
after having her own children. She wanted to use her knowledge in a way that
could help other parents and children in unfamiliar or challenging situations.
To make this book helpful for any child, not just those needing an X-ray, Jenny has
a positively magic mindset theme woven into the story, with a hint of distraction
and imagination. Therefore, this book, and others to follow, will have great value
not just in any medical waiting room, but in any school, library and home.
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  • Ana’s Magic X-ray


    Ana needs an X-ray after hurting her leg while playing on the trampoline with her brother Jake. But what is an X-ray? Will it hurt? What if her leg is broken?! Rose the radiographer knows just how to help Ana turn her worry into wonder...

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