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Jaqueline H. Becker PHD

Dr Becker has been a psychologist in private practice in NYC for over thirty-five years, a corporate consultant, social group worker, and a special education teacher. In addition, she has been an assistant director and clinician for a division of a private school that specialized in serving emotionally, socially and academically challenged students. Dr Becker has served as a guest on professional panels, TV, radio, and is quoted in print. With a highly intuitive ability and an unwavering commitment to Spirit, Dr Becker is broadly cited as an expert on the topics of bullying, children, parenting, and is quite talented at helping individuals and couples resolve problematic interpersonal issues. For her, diversity is simply life, which means all have always been welcome. Her presentations are "beyond" informative, as well as fun.


  • Dying To Live: Love Stories


    Is getting "unstuck" feeling hard? That's usually when you are being beckoned to dive deeper for your well-being. Great, dive; Dying To Live: Love Stories will be a scaffold for your brave explorations of those stubborn blockages.

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