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Jane Scher

My husband, Colin, and I are parents to three and blessed to be grandparents to nine amazing children, amongst the greatest joys of our lives. I was also privileged to be my father's daughter. Losing him was profoundly sad. His transition remains one of the most impactful experiences of my life. There are few people in this world who leave an indelible mark. When I think of my dad I can see his smile, hear his voice. I will forever be touched, by the love I have for him, his desire to see the best in everyone, the optimism with which he lived his life and the grace with which he passed away.


  • We'll Always See the Same Moon


    This book was written for families working through the pain of grief. A gentle guide to loss for children, with hope, healing, love and optimism. Designed to provide a path through grief to find peace, meaning and ultimately love.

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