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James Lythgoe

James Lythgoe, a native of Bolton, Lancashire, is a British engineer who has worked and lived in South Africa for many years, and who, on retirement, took up writing as a hobby.


When the Devil Drives is his second novel, which was preceded by a collection of short stories and a few selected poems published in the United States.


He is married with two grown up children and resides in Benoni, a small town near Johannesburg, South Africa.


  • When the Devil Drives


    Love, infidelity, blackmail and deceit litters the emotions of three friends as they journey through the trials of life in different directions across the world. Former Royal Marine Eddie journeys to Southern Africa to join the Rhodesian Light Infantry in an effort to start life afresh, but his chance meeting with Jenny turns his life upside down. Striving to succeed as a professional footballer, Tony is jeopardising the dream in a com...

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