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James Hinton-Hunt

Like my main character, I liked girls and benefitted from some early success, initially with the help of a slightly older woman. Unlike my namesake, I was never in commerce or industry but was fascinated by those who were and who used their power and position to further their personal success with women.
I have always loved nature, rivers and hills, fishing and camping, and loved a spell when I lived on a mixed farm.
I made my living and eventually my career, with a pen in my hand and used my "gift of the gab" to good effect, progressing well enough to help a large family.
I always wanted to write, although early attempts were just not good enough. But now I feel, after plenty of experience in life and particularly in employing the written word, I am ready to try again.


  • The Mistress


    James is an intelligent and curious boy who quickly grows up to be just the same in his young adulthood. An ambitious young man, and very interested in women, he works his way up from the bottom until he is successful enough to start his own company.

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