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James Gingell

James Gingell is a chef by profession and now a part-owner of two restaurants called Tre Ciccio situated around Manchester, north-west England, where he resides.
He also runs a deli/retail business called The Stinky Chef, which started life as a blog and was the inspiration for the writing of the book I Think I Want to Be a Chef.
Having worked in the hospitality industry for over thirty-two years, he has gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience.


  • I Think I Want To Be A Chef – The Stinky Chef Chronicles


    This is not a book to deter young budding students from becoming chefs; in fact, it's quite the contrary. This is merely my experiences, sharing stories, recipes, fun times, camaraderie, ambition, with a few potential pitfalls along the way through the eyes of a discerning chef.

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