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James David Hudson

Born in Norwich in 1946, James Hudson is married to Kathryn and has two sons and a daughter. At the beginning of his early teenage years, James went ‘Off the Rails' somewhat and landed himself into a great deal of trouble with the law, for which he was duly punished and sent to an Approved School in 1961. He went through a very tumultuous couple of years but came through, a better person. This book relates to that period. He hopes you enjoy his journey.

In 1965 James hitched a ride to London to seek fame and fortune. This didn't quite work out and he ended up enlisting into the Army: initially for nine years but eventually serving for over forty. Upon retirement, he decided now was the right time to unburden himself of the guilt and stigma he'd carried all these years. He hopes this book shows how things were then and how things can be turned around.


  • A Boy of the Sixties


    How could he have possibly known that a promise made to his girlfriend would have such dramatic consequences? A story of a childhood altered forever by one night's turn of events.

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