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Jack Freeman

Jack Freeman has led rather a dilettante life ranging from laundry delivery boy, RAF wireless operator, factory worker, employment advisor, musical street advertiser, professional rock guitarist, film extra in a Sting movie, mature literature student, product musical jingle producer, editor of a family history magazine and English language teacher. This involved travelling the world including hitch-hiking from Singapore to Bangkok and back. Some of his occupations led to radio and television appearances. He has retained a sense of humorous adventure tempered by common sense. He now is semi-retired and resides in Prague, teaching English and guitar and playing in local bands.


  • Sweating On My Chitty Box


    During a rather misspent youth in the RAF, the author was based for two years during the Cold War on an RAF base in Libya. This was an isolated and very eccentric community. Most of the usual behaviour and discipline associated with the military were dispensed with as being rather superfluous.

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