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J D Maguire

J.D. Maguire is a novelist, scriptwriter and short story writer. He lives in Cambuslang, Glasgow, and works as a teacher of English at Bellshill Academy, where he runs an adult creative writing class.



  • Walking Shadows


    Two hitmen, a struggling artist, a supermarket worker, a schoolteacher and an actor are all Walking Shadows. Each attempting to find some meaning to the trials, tribulations and tragedies that their brief time on the stage of life has seemingly decreed for them.

  • Election: Return to Gràdh


    Gràdh becomes the centre of the British political world, in what is an otherwise unremarkable General Election. A journalist is sent by the county's biggest tabloid newspaper to the small village to ‘report' on the comeback of Thomas Lord.

  • Gràdh and Other Short Stories


    Gràdh - As secrets and scandal lurk beneath this seemingly perfect and picturesque village, will David Tait be tempted to ‘cash in' on its latest catastrophe?

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