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J. Barnes

I have lived such an interesting life but was not fulfilled until I wrote this. I am a mother, a cancer survivor, and a fiercely creative woman. Writing is my passion and I am able to be the hopeless romantic that I have always wanted to be on these pages. It is with great perseverance and dedication that I created this story, and I will continue to write my heart out and share my love.


  • Cold Hearted Heathen


    COLD HEARTED HEATHEN is a tumultuous romance that takes place in the rich and stimulating backdrop of Regency era England. Now shrouded in suspicion following, what the ton perceives as a fall from grace, the Barrington family becomes the center of gossip as the odd and vivacious Prudence marries far from the norm of her class. Forced into an unwanted marriage with a shockingly peculiar-looking man, Prudence's future seems bleak and shrouded...

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